Maximum dimension
Maximum width 1300-mm (51 1/4”)
Maximum length 3 meters (118”) 

SubliSwitch is the by Viewcol patented printed switchable (PDLC) film. PDLC is “polymer dispersed liquid crystals” and by means of electricity changes from opaque (no see through) to clear transparent. The film is laminated between glass or glued onto glass (retrofit). With the turn of a switch the glass changes from transparent to full privacy opaque.

SubliSwitch is the first of a series of hi-tech products in the Sublistyle product range. Viewcol uses Gauzy top quality PDLC as substrate. The print is applied to BOTH sides of the PDLC to make SubliSwitch look the same on both sides in the opaque state. This is the ultimate product to bring personalized colourful architectural designs to offices (corporate colours as part of the space), hospitals, hotels, institutions, museums, bathrooms, …. Viewcol works closely with top designers and can assist realizing your architectural dreams.

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