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Looking for prints between or on glass?

Viewcol has the simplest top quality solution with its Sublistyle® product range.

For prints laminated between glass we have SubliLam®, SubliSwitch® and SubliLED. 

For the same, top quality, retrofit self-adhesive prints on glass we offer SubliClear and SubliSwitch®.

How do you get your prints? Send us electronically the original digital image and we produce the printed PET film for you, pack the film safely in a a tube and send it by courier mail to you for local processing; lamination or gluing.

Comparison of the main print technologies used for printed glass:


Technology Sublilam Screen print Ceramic print UV Print
Description Dye sublimation transfer print Special fabric screens are made with a design. Screen is filled with ink and applied to the glass Direct print on glass with ceramic inks. Print is burned in glass during tempering

Pre coating of the glass

Direct print on glass with UV light curing inks.

Investment Vacuum lamination equipment is required Screens are expensive. Special equipment required High investment in ceramic printer, tempering line required, expensive inks Depending on the size middle to high investment
Production Print on sublimation paper. Print transfer into PET For each color a screen is required. The screen is filled with ink. Ink is pushed through the screen and leaves the image With a special printer ceramic inks are printed onto the glass. The glass is tempered an the inks are burned into the glass Glass receives a primer (usually flamed onto the glass) and then printed with UV curing inks
Transport Easy to transport, no breakage risk Complicated transporting over longer distances Complicated transporting over longer distances Complicated transporting over longer distances
Durability Laminated between glass very durable Durable Extremely durable interior
Transparency Yes No No No
Print quality

Superb quality at highest resolution

White = transparent

Large pixels
Great solids
Each color is mixed to match
Acceptable at a distance. Weak color reproduction especially red Acceptable at a distance. Difficult to get top quality. Often banding
Application Interior and exterior Interior and exterior Interior and exterior Interior only

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