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About Viewcol

Viewcol is the brand name in the graphic art top segment for the glass industry. Viewcol has its production in the Netherlands, shipping the Sublistyle products worldwide. Viewcol is continuously developing new products and applications. The customer service team ensures that our service matches the segment.

We have been working on top quality imaginary on PET film for the glass industry since 2006. On our website we have incorporated the new Sublistyle products, we produce for worldwide customer base.

To our new logo “the power of colourful glass” was added to express the massive opportunities to create eye catching glass designs.
Since mid 2020 we have made significant changes and developments. Our Sublistyle-product family was extended with two new luxury products SubliSwitch and SubliLED (see products). We made serious improvements to our production process and systems (software and data storage) on a new location. We invested in a sublimation transfer flatbed (max. size 1300 x 3000mm).

Please note that we also have in-house glass lamination capability to produce complete glass panels to a maximum size 1500 x 2500-mm.

In Viewcol’s “SubliStyle” product range we have wonderful architectural and design solutions for the glass industry.

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