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In architectural glass we see the use of many different materials. A popular material is the usage of glass in exterior and interior designs. Architects and designers can use glass for multiple purposes such as furniture, art, buildings and constructions while still achieving a spacious feeling. At Viewcol, we are passionate about interior and exterior glass usage and lifting it to the next level by providing an unlimited range of unique printed inserts called SubliStyle .

SubliStyle is the ultimate product for architects and designers. As a designer, you have endless possibilities to express creativity without compromising on the transparency and spaciousness of glass. With SubliStyle you can invent beautiful and unique architectural glass designs. To create these architectural glass designs we use the dye sublimation print process to produce the wonderful imagery which distinguishes your projects from others.


The usage and effects of SubliStyle® architectural glass

Our SubliStyle product range consists of various colour options, therefore architectural glass manufacturers won’t have a hard time creating a coloured glass architectural design. The printed inserts can be implemented in a variety of applications in interior and exterior. Think of designs for kitchen and bathroom, onyx designs, solar panels, partition walls and monuments (statues, headstones and gravestones) Moreover, the product can be used in pretty much any building construction such as private homes, hotels, hospitals, airports, schools, restaurants, and offices.

Sublilam is especially suitable for exterior applications. Viewcol has several lightfastness test reports (= total light spectrum, not only UV) at disposal, where Sublilam is tested with various interlayers. If you have an exterior project, we are happy to share the test results.

The effects which can be created with SubliStyle are:

  • Photographs in glass;
  • Vector generated designs;
  • Solid colours to exactly match the interior or exterior;
  • Gradients colours to exactly match the interior or exterior.

The new SubliSwitch product combines the Viewcol technology with the Gauzy PDLC-technology on switchable glass. As result, the image is visible on both sides in the same intensity in both opaque and transparent state of the PDLC.

To create more depth in the coloured glass architecture, a 3D-effect can also be created. As the SubliStyle inserts are transparent applying an opaque or reflective layer on side 4 (back side) of the laminate and a 3D-effect is created.

architectural glass

The advantages of SubliStyle

When you are searching to get the right architectural glazing, Viewcol is your go-to solution regarding professional glass prints.

The main advantages Viewcol and SubliStyle provide are:

  • The designer’s creativity is the limit;
  • The glass prints are extremely durable, even applicable for external applications;
  • Glass is hygienic, easy to clean, non-bacterial and non-virus with a simple coating;
  • Deep and vibrant colors;
  • Transparency;
  • Width up to 1570-mm (61 ¾”)

As professionals, we are keen on always improving the delivery of our services to serve the architectural and design business. Collaboration and communication is of great importance to us and therefore don’t hesitate to contact us for questions.

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