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A popular material for exterior and interior design is glass. Glass can be used for different purposes such as furniture, art, buildings and constructions while still achieving a spacious feeling. At Viewcol, we are passionate about interior and exterior glass usage and lifting it to the next level by providing an unlimited range of unique glass prints inserts called SubliStyle.

SubliStyle is a great value adding product and requires no investment. All you need is glass lamination equipment, with which many glass processors are already used to work with. There are almost endless possibilities to meet the most demanding prints in laminated glass and colour requirements in colour laminated glass.

The usage and effects of SubliStyle® architectural glass

he inserts can be implemented in a variety of glass applications for interior and exterior use. Think of designs for kitchen and bathroom, onyx designs, solar panels, partition walls and monuments (statues, headstones and gravestones) Moreover, the product can be used in pretty much any building construction such as private homes, hotels, hospitals, airports, schools, restaurants, and offices. Sublilam is especially suitable for exterior applications made of glass. Viewcol has several lightfastness test reports (= total light spectrum, not only UV) at disposal, where Sublilam is tested with various interlayers. If you have an exterior project, we are happy to share the test results.


The effects which can be created with SubliStyle are:

  • Photographs in glass;
  • Vector generated designs;
  • Solid colours to exactly match the interior or exterior;
  • Gradients colours to exactly match the interior or exterior. 

The advantages of SubliStyle

Viewcol is your go-to solution for professional glass prints. The main advantages Viewcol and SubliStyle provide are: 

  • The designer’s creativity is the limit;
  • The glass prints are extremely durable, even applicable for external applications;
  • Glass is hygienic, easy to clean, non-bacterial and non-virus with a simple coating;
  • Deep and vibrant colors;
  • Transparency;
  • Width up to 1570-mm (61 ¾”)


How to implement the Subliam glass prints?

The process starts with sending us the image you would like to implement, and the size(s) you require. We produce the film(s) and ship the film in a tube by courier (using either your or our shipping account). We work with colour profiles, please carefully consider there might be a slight difference with what you see on your computer screen. 

As a glass processor, you are ought to know the lamination process and your equipment. Regarding the Sublilam, many years of experience taught us that lamination with thermoset EVA or TPU gives the best and most durable result. The thermoset EVA is most suitable for the exterior applications. Please keep in mind not to process Sublilam over 120 degrees Celsius or 248 degrees Fahrenheit. 

For lamination with thermoset EVA and TPU we recommend the following process temperatures and times, based on 4.4 glass thickness (if thicker please add 15 minutes per millimeter thickness):

NOTE: these temperatures are actual air temperatures. You may need to check your lamination equipment to make sure that what is programmed is the actual oven temperature. The above times take the delay of getting the heat inside the glass).

Sublilam thermoset EVA or TPU recommended lamination process for glass 4-mm.


Phase Temp. Celsius Temp. Fahrenheit Time
Pre vacuum Ambient Ambient 25 minutes
Ramp up 90˚ 194˚ +/- 35 minutes
Hold 90˚ 194˚ 60 minutes
Ramp up 120˚ 248˚ +/- 15 minutes
Hold 120˚ 248˚ 180 minutes

The combinations with interlayers

Below you find some ideas and suggestions of the combination with glass, interlayers and Subliam. Depending on the image or design, multiple effects can be created. 

Extra Clear Extra clear    
Extra Clear Mirror    
Extra Clear Extra clear acid etched    
Extra Clear Extra Clear Mirror More 3D effect
Extra Clear acid etched Mirror    
Extra Clear Extra clear Back paint  
Extra Clear Extra clear thick Mirror or back paint More 3D effect
Kiln form Extra clear    


A selection of creative interlayers possibilities are:
– clear
– shade
– milky white

Of course, standard clear float glass can be used, but please note that the green shade of the glass will affect the Subliam colours. Therefore we recommend the use of extra clear glass. When in doubt or when you have questions about the glass or effect, we happily advise and assist you.  

What do I have to supply to Viewcol to get the Sublilam prints ?

  • Please supply the original file without any compression.
  • We are able to work with AI, EPS, TIF, JPEG, ….
  • We prefer to work with RGB files as the colour spectrum is wider. 
  • The actual production is done in CMYK the standard printing ink configuration
  • Viewcol has in-house graphic art specialists to adjust your files if so required

In case of large files, please send your data through and use Viewcol e-mail address production@viewcol.comAs professionals, we are keen on always improving the delivery of our services to glass processors. Collaboration and communication is of great importance to us and therefore don’t hesitate to contact us for questions.

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