Onyx and Stone

Please find our onyx and stone collection. The slabs were photographed by a top photographer. The actual size of the slabs is some 3000 x 6000-mm. Viewcol’s staff can cut, crop and manipulate (colour) the slabs to everyone’s taste.

What makes using our technique with stone and onyx so special is that we can make stone transparent/translucent.

               FULL IMAGE                                                                 DETAIL

             Concetto Amethist

ConcettoAmethist-compl ConcettoAmethist-detail

             Concetto Azuro

ConcettoAzuro-compl ConcettoAzuro-detail

             Concetto Nebbia

ConcettoNebbia-compl ConcettoNebbia-detail

             Concetto Pure

ConcettoPure-compl ConcettoPure-detail

             Concetto Sfumato

ConcettoSfumato-compl ConcettoSfumato-detail

             Fossil Black

FossilBlack-compl FossilBlack-detail


Fusion-compl Fusion-detail

             Iron Red

IronRed-compl IronRed-detail

             Labradorite Lemourian

LabradoriteLemourian-compl LabradoriteLemourian-detail

             Marinace Gold

MarinaceGold-compl MarinaceGold-detail

             Marinace Rosso

MarinaceRosso-compl MarinaceRosso-detail

             Moulin Rouge

MoulinRouge-compl MoulinRouge-detail

             Nero Maquina

NeroMaquina-comp NeroMaquina-detail

             Nero Portoro

NeroPortoro-compl NeroPortoro-detail

             Onyx Albastro Mexico

OnyxAlbastroMexico-compl OnyxAlbastroMexico-detail

             Onyx Arco Iris

OnyxArcoIris-compl OnyxArcoIris-detail

             Onyx Bianco

OnyxBianco-compl OnyxBianco-detail

             Onyx Bianco Gold

OnyxBiancoGold-compl OnyxBiancoGold-detail

             Onyx Blue Spazio

OnyxBlueSpazio-compl OnyxBlueSpazio-detail

             Onyx Fuoco

OnyxFuoco-compl OnyxFuoco-detail

             Onyx Picasso

OnyxPicasso-compl OnyxPicasso-detail

             Onyx Verde Dark

Onyxverdedark-compl Onyxverdedark-detail

             Onyx Volcano

OnyxVolcano-compl OnyxVolcano-detail

             Orion Gold

OrionGold-compl OrionGold-detail


Pallisandro-compl Pallisandro-detail

             Rainforest Brown Brushed

Rainforestbrownbrushed-compl Rainforestbrownbrushed-detail


Revolution-compl Revolution-detail

             Rosso Persia

RossoPersia-compl RossoPersia-detail


Silverwood-compl Silverwood-detail


Straturio_compl Straturio_detail

             Verde Lapponia

VerdeLapponia-compl VerdeLapponia-detail


           CREAM Arco Iris

CREAM Arco Iris complete smallCREAM Arco Iris small